High Rise

Various media elements

High Rise utilizes a variety of media elements. Initially, the first media element that is introduced is video. The video begins by telling the story of New York and how a new form of architecture starting to arise. In doing so, images are then introduced within the video that gives the viewer a fantastic glimpse of what the narrator is discussing. Music is played throughout the video in the backdrop to give sound towards what the images are portraying.

When the user chooses to “explore”, an interactive image with accompanying audio and text is shown. The audio gives more detail to the individual image that is displayed in the video.

11-5-2015 3-44-20 PM

Timeline or time navigation

The timeline is done in a way that feels completely native. Below the video are tic marks that cause the narration to shift along with the images being shown. The storytelling is strategically thought out as to introduce the history of the architecture, and how it relates to the high rises built in New York.

11-5-2015 3-45-50 PM

Other points of navigation 

In part 3 of the video, the “explore” button displays an individual image along with interactive text that tells a more detailed account of the image. When the user chooses the see the back, they are shown an authentic image that correlates to the front.


11-5-2015 3-47-14 PM


11-5-2015 3-49-25 PM

Overall, this project was extremely enjoyable. Who knew that old archives could be so interactive and educational!


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