Best Startup Offices to Visit in San Francisco

Startups are known to have some of the coolest office spaces. By following the map below, you will have the opportunity to see 4 of the top startups in the world, and their unique office environment!

1. Explore the wacky world of AirBnb

It has been said that AirBnb’s new office location is the envy of all those in San Francisco. Employee’s have the freedom to work wherever they want in the 72,000 sq. ft office. Now, this isn’t a typical office; the entire space is based off of real life AirBnb users’ homes. So, employee’s can lay in a bed modeled from a Brazilian home, or enjoy a Parisian balcony. Not to mention, furry friends are welcome to hang out while their human buddy works.

2. Enjoy the vibrant color of Slack

Slack is a startup that has created a inter-business communication software. While it may seem that their business is dull, the office space is anything but. Through the use of vibrant colors, furniture, and electronics, Slack is sure to make an impression. When visiting, you will be greeted with a colorful smile, and even a branded pair of office socks!

3. Be amazed by the open space of Uber

By now, Uber is a household name. Many enjoy the services of the ride-share app, but few know how amazing their office space is. Upon entering, Uber is dedicated to maintaining an open space policy. Similar to AirBnb, Uber allows it’s HQ employee’s to work wherever they want. From 50ft tables, to unique personal offices, Uber does a great job in encouraging work freedom. When visiting their office, be sure to check out their movie theater screen live map that highlights all of the current ubers!


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